Lee Pearson is regularly interviewed across the media and a celebrity guest on many TV shows. 

He has been interviewed in numerous national newspapers, maga- zines, national radio and television giving sponsors a very highly visible brand to be associated with. 

Lee is also a highly respected motivational speaker using and drawing upon his own success story to motivate both able bodied and disabled people in the workplace and in society. Most recently he has given motivational speeches for BP, British Telecom, The Daily Telegraph Predicts 2016 Manchester and London and Man- chester based Dentus Aegis advertising agency. 

Lee is very active on social media across Facebook with around 23,000 fans and numourous fans on Twitter and Instagram. 

Lee formed part of a major documentary by Japanese broadcaster NHK providing premier sponsorship opportunities for the Japanese domes- tic market. 

Just to name a few media appearences :

BBC1 Strictly Come Dancing For Comic Relief 

CNN - The Road To Rio ITV “Flockstars”

BBC 1 Bargain Hunt Channel 4 Come Dine With 

BBC Breakfast News 

Sports Relief - Olympic Choir.

BBC Sport